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UK Exhibition Stands are your complete solution for stands and exhibition equipment throughout the country. Committed to a quality service, we deliver exceptional products and unmatched support for all your exhibition and display needs.

We create bespoke solutions for your requirements, matching your budget and expectations to deliver the precise product that suits for your unique situation. With a streamlined, in-house production process, we are able to deliver true value without sacrificing quality, ensuring every piece we produce meets your expectations for performance and service.

Using state of the art equipment for efficiency, accuracy and excellence, we can help you achieve your business and marketing goals with the support and dedication of a team working to deliver your success. We offer the best value exhibition stand solutions in the UK, delivering a combination of quality and price that is unmatched. Whatever your needs, from a roller banner or printed flag to a complete bespoke large exhibition stand, we deliver the exceptional service you deserve.

Our products

Marketing and promotion are essential for any business or organisation, and to be effective any marketing team need the right tools to reach their targets. From pop up display stands, roller banners and display counters, through to pavement stands, outdoor display equipment and smaller items such as leaflet and brochure stands, UK Exhibition Stands deliver products of the highest quality for all our customers.

Each display product is designed for long life and ease of use, with robust but lightweight construction and simple assembly on site. We understand the challenges of running events, whether that be an exhibition stand, a product display in a retail environment or trade show or creating a bespoke look to a reception area, and create products that are quick and easy to set up without needing special skills or tools.

The key to success with display stands and other display products is of course, the messaging. Every product we deliver features high-quality, long-lasting printing through our in-house print studio. Using state-of-the-art printing technology, we deliver the vibrant, sharp image reproduction that provides the professional finish that enhances any brand. Whatever the material, we deliver the crack and peel-free print that can be used again and again without problem.

Our Design

Presenting a brand in the best possible way is the very core of quality exhibition stands and printed display products, and UK Exhibition Stands provides options for every product. We can print existing graphics supplied by our customers onto any of our products, delivering high-quality results in a surprisingly short turnaround, often as little as 48 hours from ordering.

We also have a full, professional in-house graphic design team with extensive experience in the industry. Our team will work with you to create a bespoke graphical layout for any product or range of products, giving your pop up exhibition stand, roller banner, exhibition counter or any other display item a unique look.

For those without existing graphics, or who are looking for a way to stand out in a crowded exhibition hall, this custom approach opens up a world of opportunities to create eye-catching displays that deliver any message with impact. This service is delivered quickly, without the extended lead times you may have experienced elsewhere, ensuring that any campaign can feature bespoke graphics to suit each unique situation.

Our Service

Quality products, such as our extensive range of pop up exhibition stands, roller banners and display counters, are only part of the story, without service to match they cannot deliver the support a marketing team needs. We understand that our customers are under pressure at all times, deadlines and situations change, and it is often out of their hands.

Our exhibition stand solutions are offered with the complete, dedicated support of our highly experienced team. With as little as 48-hours turnaround on our products, we are ready to help when timing is crucial. From our design team to the fast delivery solutions we provide, our service is tailored to ensure each customer has the quality product they need, when they need it.

Importantly, this dedication to delivering the highest quality exhibition stands in the UK to customers in the fastest possible time, does not require a premium price. UK Exhibition Stands delivers this while retaining the best display stand prices in the country. We deliver exceptional value with every product, freeing up your marketing budget for other uses.

On this site you will find detailed information about the broad range of printed display products, exhibition stands and other marketing and promotional products we offer. If you would like to discuss any of our products, or guidance in choosing the right option for your marketing needs, get in touch with us today and our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you out.



Our extensive range of products delivers the quality, value and convenience that you rely on, with bespoke display products to suit your individual needs where needed. Whatever your budget and goals, we build a solution that works for you.

Pop Up Display Stands

Offering a cost-effective solution that still stands out from the crowd, it comes as no surprise that pop up stands are some of the most common display solutions found at events around the world. However, not all pop up display stands are the same, in fact there are a number of designs that each offer different qualities, and it is crucial to choose the right one for your budget and business.

Pop Up Display Stands are highly portable, modular stands that are easy to transport and assemble, but also provide an extensive display surface for branding or messaging, making it simple to create eye-catching designs that stand out in a busy exhibition hall. Because of the modular design, pop up stands are also flexible, able to be reconfigured to suit the variety of spaces you may be provided over a range of exhibitions, allowing you to tailor your stand to fit the space and audience attending.

Using aluminium frames and graphic panels printed to individual needs, the stands are sized in terms of frames. A 2 x 2 stand would be two square frames wide and 2 square frames high. However, those square frames deliver extensive flexibility, with stands being offered with curved surfaces and rounded corners for a unique look to suit any message.

Pop Up Display Stands are suitable for a wide range of situations, including:


  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Networking Events
  • Point of Sale displays
  • Receptions
  • Retail Premises and Shopping Centres
  • Trade Shows

With the ability to add new graphics to your frame, they offer a flexible, cost-effective solution that can be easily adapted to new campaigns or even new brands. Our range of pop up display stands provide the high-quality solutions you need, coupled with fast delivery times and simple assembly.

We include everything needed to have a stand ready for exhibition, with robust but lightweight construction ensuring that your stand is built to last. Choose from our pop up display stand styles to find the perfect solution for any event or marketing need.

Curved Pop Up Stands

These stands provide an elegant curve that enhances your graphics, offering extensive messaging while remaining compact and easy to assemble without the need for tools. Designed to fit perfectly in any event space, they are our most popular stands for a reason.

Straight Pop Up Stands

Great for impactful messages at press events or anywhere that needs a backdrop, they deliver your message clearly and offer a huge canvas for any message, image or branding. With the same toolless assembly and ease of use as all our stands, they are perfect for any situation.

Double Sided Stands

With your message or brand printed on both sides, these excellent stands deliver the exposure your marketing needs. Perfect for a crowded exhibition hall, they grab attention from attendees at every angle.


Exhibition Stands


As display stand experts, we provide an extensive range of high-quality products, from fabric stands to pop up banners and display counters. Whatever the budget, space and requirements, we deliver a tailor-made solution to suit.

Exhibition stands provide the flexible, cost-effective approach to marketing, with bespoke printed graphics delivering messages with visual impact, enhancing marketing efforts at events, exhibitions and many other situations.

The type of stand suitable for any situation depends on several factors. Budget always plays a part of course, but importantly the way it will be used. Small teams may want an easily transported and assembled solution for exhibitions, such as a Pop Up Stand or Fabric Stand, where larger stands can be utilized for semi-permanent displays in receptions, shopping centres and so on.

From modular systems that offer the flexibility needed to create the perfect display in any location, through to purpose built solutions for specific circumstances, our range of display stands covers everything.

Choosing the right style matters, but it is the graphics that really make an exhibition stand. Bold, quality printing delivers a brand message, slogan or other important information in an eye-catching and easily digestible way.

Our design team will work with you to create the perfect image for your stand, and with high quality results guaranteed, every stand delivers the visual impact that enhances your presence in any location. Choose from our vast range of complete and modular stand designs or create a completely bespoke solution for a specific situation, you will find the perfect solution.

Whatever the display stand chosen, every product we provide benefits from our expert graphic design team and high-quality printing solution that delivers vibrant colour and crisp, clear text and graphics for a superb finish for any stand. Our solutions provide a professional image and quality feel to enhance your brand and message in any environment.

Order with confidence and enjoy the quality materials, design and printing that enhance your marketing and deliver results.


Exhibition Counters


Exhibition counters provide convenient, portable display platforms that are great for use as a meet and greet area, storage, and of course as they are printed, additional messaging for the brand or product.

Lightweight thanks to an aluminium frame, so easily transportable, they provide simple, tool-free assembly and flexible convenience. The perfect partner for exhibition stands of any kind, they enhance the messaging while delivering a broad range of features and benefits for the exhibition team.

The compact, transportable and easily assembled counters can be used for a number of scenarios, including:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Hospitality
  • Networking Events
  • Open Days
  • Reception Areas
  • Retail Outlets and Shopping Centres
  • Showrooms
  • Trade Shows

Having a dedicated meet and greet area for visitors to the stand, customers or clients adds a layer or professionality that provides an excellent impression, crucial for that first meeting. But they add more functionality too, depending on the model chosen.

From spacious internal storage to providing a platform for paperwork or product demonstrations, the Exhibition Counter is versatile and flexible. To be effective marketers at any event, a team requires an extensive range of marketing materials, however leaving piles of brochures, cards or information packs around a stand look untidy and can put people off. At an exhibition, first impressions matter, especially when the competition is within eyesight. A clean, uncluttered and professional looking environment encourages visitors, where having to step over materials and boxes does the opposite. In that sense, the storage that a promotional counter provides can be a significant part of any exhibition strategy.

In addition, having a stable, easily accessed platform for paperwork or demonstrations maintains that professional, organized approach. There is nothing worse than balancing papers on your leg as you try and write on them. A promotional counter provides the tools for effective marketing.

In addition, with quality graphic design and our exceptional printing, exhibition counters also add to your messaging. Whether the brand itself, product name or marketing messages, you can reinforce any marketing strategy with these additional promotional surfaces.

We include everything needed for your promotional counter, a custom printed surface and an easy, tool-less assembly frame. Choose from our range of exhibition counter styles to find the perfect solution for any event or marketing need.

Demonstration Counter

With a broad work surface and bold frontage, including overhead signage for visibility when needed, these demonstration counters are idea for conferences, retail stores, exhibitions and more.

Magnetic Counters

Easily customizable, these counters provide an excellent work surface, while they can be paired up to increase the counter size by sliding two or more units together, Magnets hold each unit securely together, providing a flexible, yet easily transported solution.

Fabric Counters

Maintaining the flexibility, ease of assembly and transportation as other counter solutions, with a wrap-around fabric graphic. Fabric delivers the detailed, vibrant imagery that enhances your message and looks fantastic.

With bespoke printing, quality construction and fast delivery, you can order with confidence from us.


Exhibition Tablecloths

The finishing touch for any display stand or presentation, our range of tablecloths and runners provide a cohesive look to any environment, providing additional branding and uniformity that is aesthetically pleasing for visitors and guests.

Made from sturdy, high-grade polyester fabric, with a choice of vibrant colours and of course our superb graphic design and printing options, which deliver sharp, professional finish to any table. Available in a range of sizes, these tablecloths ensure that portable tables or other equipment used on the stand retains the brand message and blends into the overall design.

With quality materials, superb printing and easy care, you can order with confidence and enjoy a quality finish for any display.


Large Exhibition Stands


For delivering a true presence and standing out from the crowd, a large display stand has everything. Comprising multiple parts, including counters, curved or straight walls and other display products, a large display stand can have all the features needed for any event. These bespoke solutions provide not only the perfect mix of display products, but also carry a cohesive printed branding that brings everything together for a truly spectacular finish.

Because these large stands utilize a variety of components, such as our countertop and display stands, they retain the simple, tool-free assembly and lightweight, easy transportation of those products. This approach ensures that even a small team can easily assemble and disassemble the large exhibition stand, providing the additional space and increased branding without compromising usability.

Our graphic design team can create an overall theme that maximises messaging and presents an impactful, on brand appearance. Because all components are designed together, the branding can flow across the stand in ways that single elements cannot, offering up new ways to deliver messaging and creating a more eye-catching visual. In crowded exhibition halls or anywhere that competition is intense, this can deliver an edge for any marketing team.

In addition, the larger stand provides room for more personnel, which in turn allows for more conversations with more prospects, improving productivity at events. Whether a trade show, exhibition, in a shopping centre or other retail, or any other application, the large exhibition stand offers impressive flexibility and impact, while retaining the benefits of tool-less, simple assembly and lightweight construction.

With a choice of materials and styles, from our straight or curved display stands, large counters, fabric printing, roller banners and more, we can help create the perfect large display stand for any situation or need. Our bespoke solutions can be made to your pricewise specifications, quickly and cost-effectively for any requirement.

With a range of options, high-quality frames and exceptional graphic design and printing, our range of large exhibition stands has something for every need. From conferences to shopping centres, mobile offices to pop up stores, whatever you need for a professionally designed space that delivers quality branding and exceptional functionality, the range of large exhibition stands can deliver.

Talk to our design team today and see how our bespoke large exhibition stand solutions can deliver for any environment and any need.


Leaflet and Brochure Holders


Maintaining a professional image on stand is crucial, whether at an exhibition, a shopping centre or in a reception area. However, good marketing requires high quality marketing materials, and a lot of it. having dedicated leaflet and brochure holders on any stand bring two clear benefits.

Firstly, they ensure that the stand remains tidy and clear, giving a more impressive first impression to prospects, but also making the stand feel more welcoming, encouraging visitors to engage with the marketing team. A stand with boxes in the corner or brochures or other materials just stacked on a chair or other surface simply look like they are not ready to engage with potential customers, and that can be off putting

Secondly, it allows easy access to those materials, which is important as at many events potential customers may not always shave the time to stop and talk. If there are very visible promotional materials easily available without the need to ask, and perhaps get into a conversation they do not want for many reasons, it means marketing materials are more widely distributed. In the long-term, that can increase the success of the marketing campaign.

Lightweight and easy to assemble, our leaflet and brochure stands provide robust, attractive storage solutions combined with extensive graphic surfaces for branding. With our graphic design team offering bespoke solutions, this allows the leaflet and brochure holder to enhance the stand, adding to the branding message and maintaining the cohesive look for a professional finish.

Our range of leaflet and brochure holders are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Conferences
  • Educational Facilities
  • Exhibitions
  • Meetings
  • Museums
  • Offices
  • Organizations and Clubs
  • Presentations
  • Reception Areas
  • Retail Premises
  • Shopping Centres
  • Trade Shows
  • Vocational Training

With a range of sizes including desktop stands available, whatever the requirement, available space or need, we have the leaflet and brochure holder to suit. Quality materials, quality construction and quality service come as standard, and with even custom printed orders available quickly, they will be available when you need them.


Double Sided Roller Banners


Affordable, transportable, effective. Roller banners are probably the most commonly used marketing tool you will see. At exhibitions, in receptions, retail stores, educational facilities, pretty much anywhere anyone needs to convey brand messaging, you will find roller banners.

Our double-sided banners take things a step further, as the name suggests these are printed on both sides, perfect for any situation where visitors or customers could pass by the banner in any direction. This could be an aisle in a retail store or exhibition hall, an entranceway at a shopping centre or a reception area and so many more.

Each banner is made up of an easily assembled lightweight base that supports a retractable surface. That surface is printed on both sides with the marketing message, brand or product being promoted. They are very effective, providing exceptional impact compared to their cost, and are the perfect banner option for businesses of any size, organizations and clubs, schools, colleges, the hospitality industry and so many more.

With crystal clear, vibrant printing on both sides or the robust roller material, whatever the brand or messaging, it is delivered with impact, creating an eye-catching display that remains compact enough to fit into almost any space.

Once on site, the banners are simply pulled out from the base and hooked to their support, leaving a stand-alone messaging surface that delivers impact for passers-by whatever angle they approach. This simplicity also brings versatility too, while they offer incredible value alone, on a larger exhibition stand or other use, multiple double roller banners can be used to mark out a stand, product display or anything else to create a 3600 marketing solution that captures the visitors’ view in every direction. This comprehensive messaging can be achieved at low cost and retains the simplicity of use as a single banner.

As with all our products, banners can be created from your own artwork or our graphic design team can develop a bespoke solution. In either case, each banner is created to our exacting standards, printed to the highest quality with sharp, easily read text and smooth, vibrant colours, creating professional messaging that has impact.

Whatever your double-sided banner needs, whatever the size or printing requirements, we deliver the superb quality product you deserve, quickly and affordably.


Roller Banners


One of the most common promotional and marketing signage in use today, the roller banner provides high-impact visual messaging in a compact, low-cost and easily transportable package. With simple set up and proven value, you will find roller banners in almost any environment, and for good reason.

The banners consist of a robust but lightweight base and a roller banner surface that pulls out to deliver the messaging. Easily handled by one person, they are available in a variety of sizes from desktop to large banners for exhibition halls. All banners enjoy the quality construction we are famous for, and the beautiful printing that delivers branding messages in vibrant, eye-catching colour.

Roller banners can be used in almost any situation, including:

  • Campaigning
  • Charities
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Fairs
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Leisure centres
  • Organizations and Clubs
  • Real Estate
  • Reception Areas
  • Retail Premises
  • Shopping Centres
  • Showrooms
  • Trade Shows

In any situation where there is a need to deliver a message or promote a brand or product, the roller banner delivers low-cost, effective promotion. Great for businesses of all sizes, they can be used singularly, but also arranged cleverly in multiples to deliver a cohesive branding to any space. With several banners placed strategically, an exhibition stand can promote the brand message wherever visitors may approach from, for instance.

Whatever size of roller banner chosen, we deliver the same robust, quality construction and superb, impactful printing. Whether we work from your own graphics or our designers create bespoke solutions to fit your needs, we provide the high-quality, durable and effective banners for any need.

Easy to use, simply place the roller banner where it is needed, and pull up the banner and support. Once locked into place, the banner is sturdy, with the base delivering stability. The banner uses heavy duty material for long-life, and it provides the visual impact that is needed today.

With our quality guarantee, design vision, superb printing and fast delivery, whatever your roller banner needs, wherever you may use them, order with confidence today.

Pavement Signs


Taking your message outside is a crucial aspect of modern marketing and promotion. Whether it is roadside messaging for car sales, café or retail premises, or promoting an event, product or brand, pavement signs are very visible and reach a large audience of passers-by. Importantly, they do this passively, once set up they don’t require costly staff to deliver your message, offering continuous marketing for a low investment.

While our pavement signs today are more sophisticated, the A-Frame chalkboard with handwritten notices were one of the first forms of business promotion, and they have been in use for well over a hundred years. Today, we provide a more robust platform for your brand message or marketing, using sturdy construction with weighted bases for safety and security.

Available in a range of sizes, our pavement boards provide durable, long-life construction in tandem with our high-quality, vibrant and clear printing to deliver visual impact for any messaging. Choose from client supplied graphics or allow our team to create custom designs, in either approach, the same attention to detail and superb printing standards are delivered, creating a long-life, effective marketing tool for any business or organization.

Pavement signs can be used for a variety of situations, including:

  • Beauty Industry
  • Cafes
  • Car Dealers
  • Fast Food and Takeaway outlets
  • Leisure Centres
  • Museums
  • Organizations and Clubs
  • Outdoor Exhibitions
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Premises


Pavement signs are readily accepted by the audience, and they have proven to be effective across multiple industries over many years in delivering improved brand awareness and increased engagement. For the high-quality, low-cost pavement signs that can enhance your business or organization, we offer fast delivery and superb service.

Feather Flags


Marketing is, at its heart, a numbers game. The more people who see your message, the more people act on that message. One of the best ways to get your message noticed is through Feather Flags. They are affordable, simple tools to get your message in front of as many potential customers as possible, perfect for the exhibition hall, car showroom, trade show or any other location.

Each flag features a sturdy weighted base for stability and strong but flexible, full fibre pole. The base can be provided in a number of forms, from water filled, weight filled or the special drive-on solution for the car industry. Usable indoors or outdoors and safe with wind speeds up to 18 mph, they offer an easy to use, low maintenance solution for brand messaging.

The curved, feather shape provides a unique visual that attracts the eye, adding more impact to any graphic. Flags can be printed with existing art or our graphics team can create bespoke designs to suit any need. In both cases, the strong, high-quality material is printed in-house, delivering exceptional results that have the clarity and vibrancy that delivers text or images with equal impact. Our printing won’t crack or peel, providing great looks and a long life.

The feather flags offer a simple, push fit design that is easy to assemble, and with a range of sizes on offer cover every need. Whether indoor or outdoor, at an event or a retail premises, whatever your feather flag needs, we deliver great value and fast service.

Pop Out Banners


Perfect for indoor or outdoor displays, pop out banners, sometimes known as golf banners, are an incredibly lightweight way to display brands and messages for a cost-effective price. Using similar technology to the latest camping tents, the double-sided message boards can be carried by one person, they fold to a manageable size for easy transportation, and require no assembly on site. Simply release the fasteners and the pop out banner returns to its original shape. Elasticated straps keep both printed sides in the right shape, creating an eye-catching, expansive area for the chosen graphic.

Manufactured from tough, rip-resistant material, each pop out banner can be printed on both sides with the message or branding required. Whether that is existing graphics, or a bespoke solution created by our in-house design experts, the design is printed in high-quality, long lasting ink that delivers crack and peel free service for a long-life.

Suitable for a variety of situations, our pop out banners are available in a variety of sizes for maximum flexibility. Whatever your needs, our pop out banners can be used in:

  • Charity Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Fairs
  • Golf days
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Sports days
  • Trade Shows


With simple pop out operation, easily transportable and lightweight construction, and bold, vibrant printing, our pop out banners are a simple, cost-effective promotional tool that delivers versatile brand messaging whenever and wherever you need it.


Outdoor Display Products


Outdoor events offer a unique marketing opportunity for businesses, organizations, clubs and charities, requiring a different approach for display and signage. With changeable weather and never quite knowing what kind of surface you are working on, outdoor display products need to be adaptable and robust, while remaining easily handled and assembled for the marketing team.

There are a variety of outdoor display products that deliver the brand messaging and eye-catching visuals that are needed today. From gazebos to barriers, banners to flags, each offers something unique to your promotional toolkit.

Our outdoor range is manufactured using weather resistant framework, with all graphics printed on waterproof material that provides long-term use with graphics that do not peel or crack. Each outdoor display product is carefully chosen to provide the flexible, easy to assemble user experience that busy teams need, and are designed to offer long-life and great value.

Because your outdoor display equipment needs to cope with a variety of conditions, there are options that provide the flexibility you need. Flag bases come with a choice, with water-filled bases, metal weighted bases or flat, drive on bases for use in the car industry. Choose the right base for any surface or need, and with alternative bases available there is always the right option on hand.

Outdoor banners include both A-frame and roller options, all featuring hard wearing, water resistant frames and waterproof printing and graphic materials for the same long-life as our other outdoor display products. Clever design ensures that while they are robust enough to cope with British weather, they remain light and easily managed for convenience and hassle-free transport.

Printed Gazebos are the perfect answer to our changeable weather, providing protection from sun and rain, they offer a relatively controllable environment no matter the location. Not only is that weather protection useful for the team, but it could be essential for situations such as product demonstrations or the need to complete paperwork. In those cases and more, maintaining a dry, comfortable environment for staff and visitors can make a huge difference to overall results from marketing efforts.

As with all our other outdoor display products printed gazebos utilize weather resistant, robust construction and hard-wearing waterproof material. In addition, printed gazebos provide a high-impact opportunity for branding. Using either existing graphics, or with our team creating a bespoke design to meet any customer needs, the large surface area allows for spectacular messaging that grabs attention. It creates a professional environment for you at any outdoor event, and by using similarly branded display products, such as a display counter, roller banners or feather flags, delivers a cohesive, memorable brand image for any campaign.

Our range of outdoor products offer a versatile solution to any outdoor need, including:

  • Camp Sites
  • Car Dealers
  • Charity Events
  • Craft Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Fairs
  • Golf days
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Restaurants and Cafés
  • Sports days
  • Sports Events
  • Team Building Events
  • Team Sponsorship
  • Trade Shows


As with our entire range, we provide high-quality products with long-lasting, vibrant printing that delivers your brand messaging with clarity and impact. Our in-house design team can create bespoke solutions for any need, and we provide exceptionally fast turnaround for orders with graphics provided. Whatever your outdoor display product needs UK Exhibition Stands have the service you deserve.

Pop Up Stands

Large Exhibition

Fabric Exhibition



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