UK Exhibition Stands

It’s easy to hire an exhibition space without knowing how to use it effectively. This can lead to poor performances at an event, as a rushed display often struggles to get the company’s message across. This can subsequently lead to a lower footfall than expected. So, with this in mind, here are six tips for creating the best Exhibition Stand for your Business.


Before you even begin looking at Exhibition Stand Designs, identify what you’re actually trying to achieve at the event you’re attending. Are you promoting new products, or is your display looking to appeal to a certain type of consumer or event attendee? Strategizing and creating objectives for your company is often essential to ensuring that the exhibition stand space is a hit with the target audience.

Give people incentives

For visitors, exhibition halls can be quite overwhelming. With so much to contend with, you have to give attendees an incentive to check out your space. To get started, remember that people need to know:

Your company’s name (and a Memorable Logo) What markets or industry are you in (use simple tag lines and keywords for this) How your products or services can help them (provide clear benefits) A reason to come and visit your exhibition stand and talk to you (give people your USP)

Use your space effectively

At most events, a disorganised, cluttered or ‘busy’ exhibition space will put people off checking out a business stand, even if they have some interest in what you’re selling. Thus, we recommend a less is more approach! Try to get the balance right between information, attractions, and open space for communication with attendees.

Attention-grabbing strategies

Subtle attention-grabbing methods, such as displaying a video, hosting games or live product demonstrations on your Exhibition Counter, are useful strategies when trying to increase footfall. You can also host giveaways as a way of generating excitement, but make sure you’re offering something that’s memorable and relevant. Higher value items can also be effective as ‘thank you’ giveaways for those that signup or purchase something.

Utilise your staff

Perhaps the best asset a business’ Exhibition Stand can have is a great team to run it. Therefore, it is crucial to choose your event staff carefully so that your company’s representatives are talkative, engaging, thoughtful and, above all, friendly!

Get the perfect exhibition stands and formulate display stands

Now that you know some of the best ways to run a business exhibition space, all that’s left is to choose your display equipment for the big event. And, with UK Exhibition Stands, you can select from a wide range of high-quality products to create the perfect event setting!

From Banner Stands to Formulate Display Stands, we can create visually engaging event spaces in both indoor and Outdoor Environments so that you can truly stand out at any exhibition. You can View Our Products Here or, ask us any questions, feel free to Contact Us Today.