UK Exhibition Stands

In recent years, climate change has led many companies to thoroughly assess their impact on the planet and the amount of waste that their business produces. And, given that these reviews extend to corporate events such as trade shows, questions about how to make these spaces eco-friendly are being asked.

Our belief is that exhibition stands can be sustainable when the right practices are introduced. So here are our tips for how you can make your trade show stand eco-friendly.

The set-up

The space your business has at a trade show can vary greatly. From the humble table with a couple of Roller Banners to expansive Large-Scale Exhibition Stands, there’s something for every company. But, regardless of the size, there are simple ways to make your space at these events more sustainable.

If you use lighting systems, for instance, try utilising energy-efficient LED lights, or even solar-powered options if the event is outdoors! Meanwhile, whilst they are a Great Way to Improve your Exhibition Stand, think carefully about giveaways. You want to offer something that’s unique and memorable, but equally, you should consider the potential waste that will be created from your freebees, as well as if they can be recycled or not. 

The distance

There are some amazing exhibition venues in the UK, which play host many award-winning trade shows. But, if it’s possible, assess what the greenest way for you and your team to reach a given event will be. If you’re going to a major city, see if the majority of your staff can reach the event by train. It’s also more sustainable to go to events that are closer to your place of business, so this is also worth considering.

Reusing equipment

Exhibition stands should feature equipment that can be reused across many trade shows and other corporate events. Thus, your business should always look for stands, banners and displays that are durable and of the highest quality. This is where UK Exhibition Stands come in. 

From Banner Stands to Formulate Display Stands, we help to create sustainable event spaces for both indoor and Outdoor Environments. As a result, you can gain eco-friendly credentials as a company whilst still offering a unique space at any exhibition! 

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