UK Exhibition Stands

From choosing the best trade show to setting up and advertising your business in the most attention-grabbing way, there’s always a lot to consider when organising an exhibition at a trade show. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to answer any trade show questions you may have, help you stand out and ensure you gain more customers.

1. Be Mindful of Your Audience

Depending on the nature of your business, you may find that a generic trade show doesn’t reach your target audience. Be mindful of your audience and which events they’re most likely to attend.

For some businesses, it’s essential that they only choose to exhibit at trade shows that are industry-specific. If, for example, your company specialises in technology that’s aimed at helping schools and universities, it may be worth investing in education-based trade shows.

If, on the other hand, your business product or service has a much broader potential audience, you may wish to focus on local trade shows instead. This will ensure that you don’t limit your reach and can speak to people who are most likely to use your service.

2. Ask the Audience

By asking some of your customers which trade shows they attend, you might be able to find out more about the most promising opportunities available to you. At tradeshows, you will meet lots of fantastic people who will boost your business in unlikely ways!

There may be a few industry-specific trade shows that are less known and can give you an advantage over your competitors by allowing you to be one of the first businesses of your kind to exhibit there. Whilst these may be a bit pricier than generic trade shows, they’ll offer you the chance to discuss your business with top individuals within your chosen industry.

3. Make Sure You Stand Out

Your exhibition stand is a vital part of your display at any trade show. Use it to your advantage by choosing eye-catching colours and maximising the visibility of your brand. A great way to not just attract potential customers but also make sure they remember your company is to include some key information on the stand. You should, therefore, ensure that your stand displays your company’s name in a clear and large font to make it as accessible as possible, in addition to an image of your company logo and a brief description of your main product or service.

Your stand should also make your unique selling point (USP) clear to your target audience. Your USP will help demonstrate the aspects of your product or service that are better than that of your competitors. It’s important that in an environment that’s as competitive as a business show, you can convince your audience to give you their custom.

4. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Details of your company’s social media, such as your Twitter handle, Facebook page and company blog should be included across your marketing literature, including banners and leaflets.

For convenience, it might be worth considering using a QR code that enables your potential customers at the business show to be sent directly to your social media profiles. You could also host a competition to win a product or a free or discounted service if you don’t directly sell products. To enter the competition, for example, your audience would need to engage with you on social media. For example, they may need to ‘Like’ your Facebook page, ‘Follow’ you on Twitter or ‘Share’ your LinkedIn post.

If this is your first time exhibiting at a trade show, you may be able to learn a lot by spending a bit of time researching your competitors to see what they do at trade shows. Try to imitate their most successful ideas in a way that most benefits your brand.

Encouraging your audience to engage with you online will also help increase brand awareness and allow you to broaden your reach. Social media can, therefore, be used to your advantage both in relation to the trade show itself and in a wider context.

Whether you’re looking for professional displays with matching table cloths for an upcoming trade show or simply wish to discuss your future exhibition needs, contact an experienced member of our team today.