UK Exhibition Stands

Following the break due to covid-19, trade shows are becoming part of regular life again with exhibitions popping up all over the country. While it was a novel change to meet customers via online services, over the phone or on video, there is nothing like face-to-face interactions. Trade show veterans will tell you that while they can be challenging, exhibitions are key for your business when looking to find new clients or customers. 

Here we’ll discuss the 5 top reasons why you should be advertising your business, product or services at the next trade show right for you!

1) Face to Face Marketing 

As mentioned up top, there is no substitute for meeting a potential client in person, even with technological advances. As we’re not quite there with amazing virtual reality for everyday life, we encourage you to find your market and speak to the public one-on-one. The main reason is that your message will seem more genuine and resonate more when you can physically greet and look people in the eyes. You’ll also have more opportunities for visual marketing whether that’s pointing them in the direction of your excellent custom exhibition stand or simply handing them a flyer with all your details.

2) Research Your Industry & Competition

Whether you’ve been in your industry for 30 years or 30 days, it’s always useful to have a better understanding of what your competitors and/or peers are doing. At your industry event, you’re likely to find it’s populated by some of the biggest names in the business. If so, feel free to explore, walk around, and take in what they’re doing and how they’re performing. Don’t feel pressured if they have a top of the range large exhibition stand and you’ve just arrived with a basic set-up, everyone starts somewhere! 

Be sure to network as well as take in what is and isn’t working for others so next event you can get with or ahead of the crowd. 

3) Build Your Brand

Your brand’s strength will depend on a number of factors. Experience, longevity, competition, size of business just to name a few. The great part of trade shows is even if you’re just starting out you’ll have the same amount of access to potential customers as the largest businesses. Sure there will be big brands that people will tend to head towards first but that’s the benefit of building your name. If attendees are going to be walking past your booth or space, it’s key to use that opportunity to grab their attention so they’ll remember your business.

Whether that’s with giveaways, a great speech or creating the best exhibition stand, remember to give it your all to build your brand.

4) Receive Useful Feedback

Especially, when you’re starting out it’s really helpful to hear what your customers think about your business. Whether it’s something positive about your brand or perhaps a point you can improve on, it all goes towards improvements. While you can request feedback online, this valuable insight from customers can be best received with an in-person conversation and a back and forth.

Listen to your prospects as well as your current customers to understand how to better your marketing efforts and grow your business.

5)Build a List of Sales Leads

Growing your database of leads is a vital aspect of marketing. While you can continue with cold calls, using the phone book or skimming the internet for leads, there’s nothing like the opportunities you can get from exhibiting at a trade show. 

The average trade show expects to see thousands of attendees across the run time with any booth looking at over 200 visitors per day. Add to that the personal connection and rapport you’ll make with your customers, you’ll provide your sales team with valuable resources to keep your products moving. You may have to factor in more expenses, compared to other methods, but exhibiting at trade shows is one of the most productive ways to fill your address book. 

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